Dulan Rainforest Land Purchase for Orangutans

Location: Central Kalimantan, Indonesia
Action: Land Purchase
Area: 1,500 Hectares 
Price per hectare: $1,475
Threatened Species: Bornean Orangutan, Sun Bears, Clouded Leopard, Siamese Crocodile

Habitat: Tropical Rainforest
Threats: Expanding oil palm plantations and coal mining concessions

Our Partner: Kalaweit Association
Total Cost of Project: $2,212,500

The Dulan Rainforest is threatened by expanding oil palm plantations

The Dulan Rainforest is threatened by expanding oil palm plantations. PHOTO CREDIT: KALAWEIT

Project Summary  

Borneo’s rainforests are being cut down and set ablaze to clear land for oil palm plantations. This is an absolute tragedy for Critically Endangered wildlife and thousands of animals have lost their homes and undoubtedly their lives to the flames. There is a very direct way of protecting rainforest land and ensuring it stays protected forever – buy it, own it and manage it for wildlife conservation. This provides real, tangible outcomes where success is guaranteed.    

In October 2018, the Kalaweit Association, a Franco-Indonesian wildlife conservation organisation, surveyed a rainforest of 1,500 hectares discovering Orangutans, Sun Bears, Sambar Deer, Clouded Leopards, Gibbons and Langurs. One of the Orangutans was named Dulan, after which these 1,500 hectares of vital habitat is now also known. The Dulan Rainforest is threatened by expanding oil palm plantations and coal mining companies and Rainforest 4 has committed to helping the Kalaweit Association to purchase and protect this land.

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Expanding oil palm plantations are destroying the rainforest of Borneo at an alarming rate and this is threatening Orangutan and other endangered wildlife with extinction.

When habitat is destroyed wildlife find refuge wherever they can, and almost 100 Orangutans are now believed to be found in the Dulan rainforest. Your help is needed to save this rainforest habitat as a refuge for animals fleeing oil palm companies and coal miners. It is extremely urgent that we act now and buy this land as the oil palm and coal mining companies are closing in. We must buy this rainforest land now, before it’s too late. 

The Dulan rainforest surrounds a lake that is known to contains the Siamese Crocodile, which is also a critically endangered species. Saving the Dulan rainforest will protect the lake from erosion and preserve its water quality upon which nearby Dayak village depend upon for fresh water and fishing to sustain their livelihood.

Orangutan in the Dulan Rainforest


We have partnered with the Kalaweit Association who have decided to buy the 1,500-hectare Dulan Rainforest. Buying this land to create a reserve is the best way to protect the rainforest, the Orangutans and other wildlife. The companies are getting closer and will buy and destroy this rainforest soon. We need to buy and protect the land before they do. It is the only thing that can be done to protect this rainforest habitat and the threatened wildlife it contains. The cost per hectare is AUD $1,475 or € 900 euros per hectare.

The Kalaweit Association have signed an agreement with the Indigenous Dayak people of the local villagers. They will be able to continue using the forest, as they always have, while hunting of wildlife and logging will be prohibited.

Established in 1997, the Kalaweit Association is a Franco/Indonesian non-profit organisation that has been buying and protecting land in Borneo and Sumatra. In the language of the indigenous Dayak people of Borneo ‘Kalaweit’, means gibbon. The Kalaweit Association will own the land of the Dulan Rainforest into the future and manage it for conservation.

“Please help silence the chainsaws and guns and safeguard the wildlife of the Dulan rainforest. If we do nothing – they die”. Chanee, Founder, Kalaweit Association. 

Please make a donation now to support this improtant project. 




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