Partnership will create new rainforest reserves

A new partnership between Rainforest Reserves Australia and the Rainforest 4 Foundation will create new rainforest protected areas in Queensland.

Barrine Park Nature Refuge - Linking up Lake Barrine National Park and Wooroonooran National Park on the left

Rainforest Reserves Australia was established as a non-profit organisation to purchase, restore and protect rainforest habitat which is a perfect alignment with the Rainforest 4 Foundation. In February 2020 the founders of the two non-profit organisations met to discuss the opportunity to establish new protected areas for conservation. They’ll now work together to purchase and protect land in new reserves,

Rainforest Reserves Australia has previously created the Barrine Park Nature Refuge (15 hectares) and the Rock Road Wildlife Corridor (120 hectares) on the Atherton Tablelands. These protected areas provide habitat for Cassowaries, Musky Rat-kangaroos the Lumholtz Tree-kangaroo. The Barrine Park Nature Refuge also hosts the Tablelands Cassowary Rehabilitation Centre. While they have their sights set on further land acquisitions nearby, Rainforest Reserves Australia also sees the potential to create new rainforest reserves in Queensland and will now work with Rainforest 4 Foundation to achieve that goal.  

Rainforest 4 Foundation has purchased five properties in Daintree Lowland Rainforest in the past nine months. Once acquired for conservation the process of transferring them to the Queensland Government for inclusion in the Daintree National Park commences. Rainforest 4 Foundation has identified Lot 330 Cape Tribulation Road in Cow Bay as the next property to be acquired for conservation.

In March and April, both organisations will work on raising a total of $25,000. The non-profit organisation HalfCut is getting also behind the campaign to purchase Lot 330 Cape Tribulation Road and add it to the Daintree National Park. 

Lot 330 Cape Tribulation Road in the Daintree Lowland Rainforest 

Rainforest Reserves Australia is now actively reviewing options of land purchase on the Atherton Tablelands, again with the view to adding to the established national parks. Rainforest Reserves Australia has planted 100,000 trees on Barrine Park Nature Refuge and Rainforest 4 Foundation will help out there too. This got underway on the 2nd of March with Rainforest 4 Foundation helping to fund the planting of 949 trees by the team at Reforest Now.

Tree planting at Barrine Park Nature Refuge in March 2020 




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