Ranu Welum Foundation


Location: Kalimantan, Indonesia

Action: Supporting Dayak people in the protection of their rainforests

Threatened Species: Bornean Orangutan, Bornean Sun Bear, Bornean Pygmy Elephant, Sunda Pangolin

Habitat: Tropical Rainforest

Threats: Imposition of industrial agriculture resulting in the loss of habitat, oil palm plantations

Our Partner: Ranu Welum Foundation  

Total Cost of Project: $20,000 (annually)


The rainforests of Indonesian Borneo are being cut down and set ablaze to clear land for oil palm plantations. This is an absolute tragedy for the indigenous Dayak peoples who continue to resist the destruction of the rainforests and the impact on their culture. The burning of rainforest to create land for oil palm plantations negatively impacts the health of Dayak people causing illness and death.

The Ranu Welum Foundation, an initiative of young Dayak people, has been formed to stand up for social justice, Dayak culture, indigenous rights, and the protection of the rainforests in Kalimantan.  

Please make a donation to support Dayak people to protect their rainforest. 

Destruction of rainforest in Kalimantan for oil palm plantations

Destruction of rainforest for oil palm plantations. Picture by Paul Daley. 

Problem and urgency

The Dayak people of Kalimantan are resisting colonisation and the resulting economic disadvantage and marginalisation of their people. The fires lit to burn the rainforest and clear the land is killing critically endangered wildlife. Thousands of animals have lost their homes and undoubtedly their lives to the flames.

The exploitation of the rainforest by governments and corporations is releasing carbon into the atmosphere. The preservation of the rainforests of Kalimantan is if immense importance to humanity and this is being led by the young Dayak people of the Ranu Welum Foundation. They need our support.

Please, will you make a donation to support Dayak people to protect their rainforest. 

The Ranu Welum Foundation was founded by Emmanuela Shinta. We are supporting the Ranu Welum Foundation in three ways.

Dayak Filmmakers Use Media & Digital Literacy for Social Impact

Mentoring young Dayak people in filmmaking including pre-production, production and post-production.

Replanting our Future - Indonesian Youth leading the regeneration of ancient forest in Kalimantan

Rainforest restoration through tree planting and natural regeneration and by supporting the Youth Firefighter squad (1 Unit of 25 people) to suppress fires.

Sustaining the Ranu Welum Foundation

By providing funding for core administration to ensure the stability of the organisation and to provide high levels of accountability and reporting to stakeholders.

The future:

The Ranu Welum Foundation has several related projects that involve:

  • Self-determination and the assertion of indigenous rights and maintenance of indigenous culture
  • Rainforest restoration, tree planting to restore rainforest ecosystems
  • Communication of related issues through filmmaking, website redevelopment etc.

A total of AUD $250,000 annually is needed to support these initiatives.

Please make a donation today to support Dayak people to protect their rainforest. 


The Ranu Welum Foundation are:  

  1. Empowering young Dayak people to speak up about the indigenous issues and take action as part of the solution.
  2. Equipping young indigenous with various skills through training and learning opportunities that will help them to bring impact to the communities.
  3. Preserving the culture by documenting the stories and wisdom from the elders in the form of videos, films, and articles.
  4. Strengthening Dayak communities through public events that are oriented to the celebration of identity.
  5. Bring Dayak voices to the world through a digital platform.
  6. Tackling environmental issues such as forest fire, river pollution, palm oil, and mining expansion through campaigns and projects.
  7. Lobbying and doing advocacy work at the national and international levels for indigenous people's rights.

Through this Dayak culture and the rainforest of Kalimantan will be maintained and protected.



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