Stop the bridge across the Daintree River  


A proposed bridge across the Daintree River will fuel further development of the World Heritage value rainforest along the Daintree coast and must be stopped.


  • Currently, the only way to reach the Daintree is by vehicular barge across the Daintree River. 
  • The local authority, Douglas Shire Council is exploring options for a bridge over the Daintree River.
  • A bridge will have an enormous flow-on effect. It will increase the number of vehicles and the hours of the day that they’re on roads. Vehicle strike is a killer of the Southern Cassowary and endangered species critical to the rainforest’s natural ability to regenerate.
  • An increase in traffic will lead to growth in property prices, increased demand for additional services such as energy supply, further fragmentation of highly sensitive ecosystems, and disturbance of terrestrial and aquatic environments.
  • The Daintree Lowland Rainforest in North Queensland is the oldest rainforest on the planet, with an unbroken evolutionary history going back over 120 million years to the first flowering plants. Let's not change that now.


People power has saved the Daintree time and time again and it will this time too. Sign the petition to demand the Douglas Shire Council to dismiss all proposals for a bridge over the Daintree River which will irreparably impact fragile ecosystems and the endangered animals that live within them.

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To Douglas Shire Council


Urgently put a stop to proposals for a bridge across the Daintree River and instead work to protect the region’s natural values.


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Building a bridge over the Daintree River will support further undesirable development. For decades, governments and NGOs have been investing in buying back blocks adjacent to the World Heritage Area to slow down development. And now the Douglas Shire Council has put a bridge back on the table.


A bridge over the Daintree has been floated on and off for decades and has been met with opposition from the local community and conservationists across the world.


A bridge poses a significant threat to the area’s biodiversity. There’s no doubt a bridge brings with it an increase in vehicular traffic to this internationally significant region. With a bridge will come the following impacts:


  • 24-hour access across the river means cars are crossing the river at all times of day and night, putting at risk already endangered wildlife.
  • The construction phase and inevitable road upgrade will disturb sensitive ecosystems, both terrestrial and aquatic.
  • The bridge is likely to increase the number and type of services available to residents and tourists of the Daintree, for example, deliveries and waste services
  • An increase in tourism development will increase road kills of native wildlife, including the endangered Southern Cassowary
  • Expansion to the road network will create an edge effect, opening up the rainforest canopy and further catalyzing the spread of pest plants and animals
  • Tourists currently visit the Daintree for its intact rainforest and genuine wildlife experiences. Additional infrastructure will undermine the region’s natural values


People power has saved the Daintree time and time again and it will this time too. We’re calling on the Douglas Shire Council to put a stop to development in the Daintree once and for all and to cease all proposals exploring a bridge across the Daintree River.




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  • Peter Maslen
    signed 2020-06-05 15:41:36 +1000
    In 1983 I walked the Bloomfield track before the 4WD road which never should have been put through the Daintree was constructed. Many of us opposed this but in vain, due to vested interests and Douglas Shire Council’s lack of respoct for their greatest natural asset. A bridge to assist the further degradation of this World heritage area must never been built.
  • Leah Pirone
    signed 2020-06-05 13:16:21 +1000
  • Neale Siebert
    signed 2020-06-05 12:55:52 +1000
  • Tara Jones
    signed 2020-06-05 12:09:31 +1000
  • Tristan Main
    signed 2020-06-04 18:22:09 +1000
  • Claire Leimbach
    signed 2020-06-04 14:23:22 +1000
    The Daintree needs protecting and more cars will be its death Nell.
  • Leanne Prior
    signed 2020-06-04 13:25:47 +1000
  • Vai Tt
    signed 2020-06-04 09:58:59 +1000
  • Kostan Arthur
    signed 2020-06-04 08:18:13 +1000
  • Leisa Cox
    signed 2020-06-04 00:41:18 +1000
  • Kim Lewis
    signed 2020-06-03 20:56:22 +1000
  • glenda rankin
    signed 2020-06-03 20:51:07 +1000
    cant let this happen
  • minh bui
    signed 2020-06-03 20:50:13 +1000
  • Mat Colefax
    signed 2020-06-03 20:26:34 +1000
  • Senta Graney
    signed 2020-06-03 16:39:01 +1000
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    signed 2020-06-03 12:32:27 +1000
  • Ross Mao
    signed 2020-06-03 12:25:02 +1000
  • philippe calamel
    signed 2020-06-03 10:13:25 +1000
    I love this ancient forest.Keep it alive!
  • A Davies
    signed 2020-06-03 00:02:46 +1000
  • Su Carlisle-Jones
    signed 2020-06-02 23:13:34 +1000
  • Susie Ross
    signed 2020-06-02 21:27:20 +1000
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