Reforesting wildlife corridors in The Byron Shire

Another 3,392 trees were planted in March to reforest a key wildlife corridor in the Byron Shire in Northern NSW.

Across two days in March, staff from Stone & Wood Brewing Co and Coconut Bowls Australia helped us to plant 3,392 trees at Goonengerry in Nothern NSW. The site is part of a larger project of habitat restoration for wildlife and the Big Scrub Rainforest. The Big Scrub was once the largest area of subtropical rainforest in Australia at 75,000 hectares. Today less than 1% remains. 

The fragmented nature of the rainforest remnants of the Big Scrub is a problem for the wildlife and the ecosystem's unique biodiversity.

The long-term viability of biodiversity in Byron Shire depends on the enhancement of protected wildlife corridors and ‘stepping stones, that link existing habitat areas to the larger national park and nature reserves. The fragments that remain are ‘stepping stones’ that link habitats and are essential for wildlife to move around and joining them up by planting trees and assisting natural regeneration has long been seen as the solution. 


We have identified properties where potential wildlife corridors exist and where additional restoration and reforestation can be targeted to build corridors. This site has been identified as one of these wildlife corridor locations as it connects fragmented forest between Goonengerry National Park and coastal nature reserves toward Byron Bay. The 3,392 trees were planted to expand on the existing forested creek line. 

Thank you to volunteers from Stone & Wood, Coconut Bowls, and our volunteer Rainforest Rangers. We also thank Northern Rivers Ecological for their work in site preparation and for providing expertise on the days.

"It was an incredible morning with Rainforest Rangers, out of the office, completely immersed in nature planting over 1800 native trees in one day! We felt incredibly connected to this sacred land and were left feeling so proud to be making a positive impact for the future of our forests here in the Big Scrub" Lucy - Coconut Bowls 

This site will be the home of ongoing reforestation work to bring rainforest back to this cleared paddock and support the adjacent forest habitat. Keep an eye out for announcements of volunteer planting days in April and May!


These trees were funded by grants received from InGrained Foundation, Landcare (WIRES), and Rainforest Rangers donors.

Please, make a donation now to help us keep planting trees to restore our rainforests. 

You can learn more about Coconut Bowls Australia on their website.  

You can learn more about the InGrained Foundation on their website



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