Save The Daintree

Lot 6 Thornton Peak Drive

Help Purchase and Protect Lot 6 in the Daintree

Lot 6 Thornton Peak Drive at Forest Creek is a freehold property in the Daintree Lowland Rainforest that provides habitat for the endangered Southern Cassowary and the rare Bennett's Tree-kangaroo. It can be developed for housing just as nearby properties have been in the past.

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Lumholtz Tree-kangaroo

Atherton Tablelands

Restore rainforests for the Lumholtz Tree-kangaroo

With your help, we will restore land on the Atherton Tablelands where clearing has occurred in the past. We will establish 1,000 trees to create a corridor between the Lake Barrine section of the Crater Lakes National Park and Wooroonooran National Park.

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Rainforest Bushfire Appeal

Bushfire Appeal

We need to restore our rainforests now

Over 10.3 million hectares have been burnt and over 1 billion animals have died. Wildlife can’t survive without habitat and its vitally import the restore as much habitat as we can. That’s why we are raising $1 million to immediately plant 100,000 trees.

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Save the Daintree

Road Closure to Save the Daintree Rainforest

A significant milestone in the long struggle to save the Daintree Rainforest is now within reach as we have the opportunity to begin closing and revegetating some of the roads. We need your help to see this outcome achieved.

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Homeless Cassowaries

Homeless Cassowaries Need Help!

Homeless Cassowaries urgently need your help. The number one threat to the Endangered Southern Cassowary is the loss of its rainforest habitat. We can’t let the Cassowary go extinct when the solution is so simple – planting trees to restore rainforest habitat.

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Save Orangutans

Action for Sumatran Orangutans

Oil Palm plantations are expanding all over the island of Sumatra devastating the rainforest habitat. The world renowned Leuser Eco-system in North Sumatra is now under threat and even the isn’t safe. If we want the Sumatran orangutan to survive we must protect their last viable rainforest habitat.

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Care for Cassowaries

Care for Injured Cassowaries

The Endangered Southern Cassowary urgently needs your help. Cassowaries are frequent victims of car strikes and dog attacks, often leaving orphaned chicks to starve.

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Save Dulan Forest

Dulan Rainforest Land Purchase for Orangutans

Borneo’s rainforests are being cut down and set ablaze to clear land for oil palm plantations. We have partnered with the Kalaweit Association who have decided to buy the 1,500-hectare Dulan Rainforest. Buying this land to create a reserve is the best way to protect the rainforest, the Orangutans and other wildlife.

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Ranu Welum Foundation

Ranu Welum Foundation

The rainforests of Indonesian Borneo are being cut down and set ablaze to clear land for oil palm plantations. This is an absolute tragedy for the indigenous Dayak peoples who continue to resist the destruction of the rainforests and the impact on their culture. The burning of rainforest to create land for oil palm plantations negatively impacts the health of Dayak people causing illness and death.

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