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Remembering the Rainforest 4 Foundation in Your Will 

Leaving a gift to the Rainforest 4 Foundation (Rainforest 4 Foundation) in your Will is one of the most effective and enduring ways you can help safeguard the future of our rainforests. Your foresight and generosity in giving beyond your lifetime will ensure that the Rainforest 4 Foundation can continue to protect rainforests and endangered wildlife well into the future. 

Your gift, no matter the size, can help create a lasting conservation legacy for your loved ones and for future generations. 

Why you need a Will 

Everybody should make a Will, whether they have a few possessions or many. Without a Will, the government, not you, will decide how your estate is to be distributed. If you die without a Will (‘intestate’) the court will appoint a person to manage your estate. If you do not have a close family and do not leave a Will, the proceeds of your estate will likely pass to the State Government. 

How to make a Will 

It is necessary for you to comply with a number of legal requirements. While it is possible for you to prepare your own Will, it is recommended that you seek advice from a solicitor. You can change your Will whenever you like, and you should review your Will every few years to ensure that it is relevant. 

When making a Will remember to: 

  • Choose a trusted Executor: this person is responsible for carrying out your wishes Communicate: ask your Executor if they are willing to accept this responsibility Cooperate: seek cooperation from family members to avoid problems in the future List your possessions: decide how you would like them distributed 

Updating your Will 

If you already have a Will it is important to ensure that it is kept up-to-date to reflect any changes in your wishes or personal circumstances such as marriage, births, divorce or death in your family. If you wish to make an addition to your Will, rather than making a completely new Will, you can discuss with your solicitor the option to add a codicil. This is straightforward and not expensive.

Leaving a bequest to RAINFOREST 4 FOUNDATION 

There are a number of different ways you can leave a bequest to Rainforest 4 Foundation: 

  1. A percentage: You may wish to nominate a percentage of your total estate to Rainforest 4  Foundation. The advantages of this sort of bequest are that if your estate diminishes over time, your other beneficiaries will not be disadvantaged by a significant fixed bequest. Similarly, a fixed amount may also depreciate over time so the value of your gift at the time when your estate is distributed may be less than you intended. 
  2. The residue: This is a gift of whatever is the remainder of your estate once all specified gifts have been disbursed and expenses deducted. You can leave the whole or part of the residue to Rainforest  4 Foundation. 
  3. Specific amount: You may nominate a specific sum of money to Rainforest 4 Foundation; however, this does not allow for changes in your circumstances or inflation. 
  4. Specific items: You may specify items such as real estate, shares, debentures, bank deposits, insurance, and superannuation policies to be directed to Rainforest 4 Foundation in your Will 

Suggested wording 

As a resident of Australia, it is important that you clearly identify Rainforest 4 Foundation in the wording of your Will. We suggest that you use the following wording: 

“I leave to the Rainforest 4 Foundation (ABN 49 628 358 323), the whole of my Estate (or …% of my Estate; or the residue of my Estate; or the sum of $...), free of all duties and deductions, to be applied for its general purpose in such manner as the Rainforest 4 Foundation may determine. The receipt of an authorized officer of the Rainforest 4 Foundation shall be deemed as proof of payment.” 

Ensuring your gift is effective 

Our conservation projects and areas of priority focus could be very different from what they are today. In order for your gift to have the most impact, it is important that you don’t restrict the funds to a particular project so that we can direct your gift to where the need is greatest. 

Legal and tax status 

The Rainforest 4 Foundation is an Australian Company Limited by Guarantee (ABN 49 628 358 323) and is a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commissions (ACNC). 

Please let us thank you 

Once you have made your decision to leave a bequest to Rainforest 4 Foundation, we encourage you to advise us of your intentions. You deserve to be thanked in your lifetime and we would welcome the opportunity to thank you personally for your lasting legacy. Contact us for further information 

To advise us of your intention or to request further information, please contact Kelvin Davies on 0437 423 119 or email [email protected].

Any information provided will be treated in the strictest confidence. Thank you for considering the  Rainforest 4 Foundation at this important time.  


The information and the suggested wording is provided as a general guide only. It is not provided as legal advice. You are advised to obtain your own legal advice prior to making a Will to ensure that your specific circumstances are taken into account. The Rainforest 4 Foundation shall not be responsible for any loss or damage suffered by any person arising from reliance upon the information provided.




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