Sustainability Fund

The Rainforest 4 Sustainability Fund ensures stable and reliable funding of our operations, now and into the future. Through the generosity of philanthropists and other donors contributing financially to the Rainforest 4 Sustainability Fund we meet 100% of our administration and fundraising costs.

While all donors want conservation outcomes many acknowledge that requires organisations to have funding for the unavoidable core costs related to compliance, insurance and administration.

How the Sustainability Fund operates.

Donations to the Rainforest 4 Sustainability Fund are used for core operating costs. Once these costs are covered the remaining funds are retained as managed investments to generate income. We are working towards a goal of a $1million in the Rainforest 4 Sustainability Fund to ensure ongoing stable management is guaranteed. Every donation to the Rainforest 4 Sustainability Fund brings us closer to our goal.

The Rainforest 4 Sustainability Fund is administered by the Finance Committee who advise our board of directors on expenditure and investments that have high return and low risk.