Rainforest and chocolate - a beautiful combination

Chocolate makes everything better and everyone needs our rainforests to survive, so why not combine the two? After all, without rainforests we wouldn’t have chocolate at all. 

Chocolate grows on trees! 

Rainforest and chocolate, what a beautiful combination. So thought Sarah Wheeler from Puremelt Chocolate, and we have to agree.

After all, without rainforests we wouldn't have any chocolate at all. 

The cacao or cocoa tree (Theobroma cacao) is a small tree native to the Amazon rainforests of Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Brazil. Although its now widely cultivated in plantations through the equatorial region, the cacao tree still maintains its origins in the rainforest. Once its pods are ripe, they are harvested and split open to reveal the cacao beans used to make chocolate. 

Using only certified and ethically-sourced organic ingredients, Puremelt Chocolate Byron Bay produces award-winning treats including chocolate bites, sticky chai tea, chocolate chai and drinking chocolate, using only certified and ethically-sourced organic ingredients. These ingredients are lovingly handcrafted by Sarah and her team into delicious, raw, organic, vegan, gluten-free, and cane-sugar free chocolate.

As a guilt-free treat it's already a no-brainer, but now you can feel even better about enjoying their products. 

That's because they are our newest business sponsor, which means with every delicious purchase you make you'll also be helping to plant rainforest trees. Thank you Puremelt Chocolate! 

Sales of Puremelt Chocolate are supporting our Rainforest Rangers program and the restoration of rainforest in the Byron Shire where Puremelt Chocolate is based.

You can check out the Puremelt Chocolate range at www.puremeltchocolate.com

Puremelt Chocolate became a business sponsor in September 2023.



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