Save the Cassowary - Four things you can do on World Cassowary Day 2023

On World Cassowary Day (26th of September) help celebrate the endangered Southern Cassowary and all efforts to prevent its extinction in the wild. There are only 4,000 Cassowaries remaining in Australia's wet tropical rainforest. To ensure they survive your help is urgently needed and we've identified four things you can do today to Save the Cassowary!

Southern Cassowary on Cape Tribulation Road

1, Buyback and protect Cassowary habitat.

We know the number one threat to the Cassowary is the loss of habitat so protecting all remaining tropical rainforest is the highest priority.

We are ready to purchase and protect Lot 204 Cedar Road at Cow Bay in the Daintree Rainforest, all we need is your help. This property is at risk of development for housing. Buying this land will preserve vital Cassowary habitat. Please, donate now and help save the Cassowary.

Please, act now to help us purchase and protect Lot 204 Cedar Road in the Daintree.

Make a gift of $50 to help protect the rainforest habitat at Lot 204 Cedar Road. A donation of $100 or $300 will help us ensure this critical rainforest habitat is protected forever. Prefer to use PayPal? Please donate here.

We have purchased 29 freehold properties in the Daintree Lowland Rainforest so they can be managed for conservation. See them here

Lot 204 Cedar Road at Cow Bay

2, Plant a tree and restore Cassowary habitat.

Restoring habitat is vitally important. Though our Rainforest Rangers program we are preparing to plant another 11,900 trees to restore Cassowary habitat at Millaa Millaa on the Atherton Tablelands. This will help the rainforest recover from the impacts of fragmentation by linking up isolated patches of rainforest habitat. This will also restorer habitat for the Lumholtz's tree-kangaroo, lemuroid ringtail rossum, green ringtail possum, northern pygmy possum, golden bowerbird. See the project here

The cost of growing, planting, and maintenance for one tree is $10. Please, plant a tree for the endangered Cassowary and donate now. Please donate $10 more to help save the Cassowary. 

Plant a tree and help save the Cassowary

3, Slow down in Cassowary Country.

Please drive slowly when traveling in Cassowary Country as many birds are killed by vehicle strikes. Mission Beach is a hotspot for one of Australia's most iconic bird species, the Southern Cassowary. Since 2017, at least 57 Cassowaries have been hit by vehicles and 40 of those have died. 

Slow down in Cassowary habitat 

4, Please don't feed these big birds. 

It's been said a fed bird is a dead bird. When they see humans as a source of food they come onto our roads and the result is deadly.

Tourists don't like having Cassowaries share their lunch and we don't want Cassowaries coming onto roads and into urban areas where they can be attacked and killed by dogs. 

Cassowary in the Daintree Rainforest 

Read more about Cassowaries on our website.

Six things you (probably) don't know about the Cassowary

The Southern Cassowary is a large flightless bird that in Australia is found only in the wet tropical rainforests of Queensland. Southern Cassowaries consume over 150 different fruits and play a vital role as seed dispersers in the rainforest. Learn more here

Answered: Are Cassowaries actually living dinosaurs? (and more)

A love of the Daintree Rainforest led scientist and researcher Wren Mclean to centre her honours around Cassowaries, an iconic keystone species that’s “notoriously difficult” to study. She has spent countless hours researching them since, and is now one of the first and foremost experts in her field. We spoke to Wren recently about the importance of these ancient birds and why their Daintree home is so worth saving. Read more here

Slow down when driving in Cassowary habitat

Thanks for everything you do to help Save the Cassowary! 

Kelvin Davies

Founder, Rainforest 4 Foundation

P.S. Please, will you help to save more pieces of the Daintree with an affordable monthly gift? 

Your monthly gift will support the purchase of at-risk freehold properties and protect them forever. Each $2.50 donated will purchase 1 sqm of the Daintree Rainforest. Every $5 you donate will help save 2 square meters of the Daintree Rainforest from the threat of development. A $25 donation will help save 10 square meters of beautiful tropical rainforest. A donation of $50 will help save 20 square meters and $100 will help save 40 square meters of World Heritage value Daintree Rainforest. 

Donations are tax-deductible and receipts will be issued. Other frequently asked questions are answered here

It only takes a few moments to make your affordable monthly donation, so please, join us now on this page.


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  • Tractor Provider
    commented 2023-09-26 17:50:09 +1000
    Happy World Cassowary Day 2023! 🌿🦜 from

    Today, we celebrate the unique beauty and importance of these incredible birds. Cassowaries play a vital role in maintaining the biodiversity of their native rainforests, and their vibrant blue skin and striking appearance make them truly captivating creatures.

    Let’s use this day to raise awareness about the conservation efforts needed to protect cassowaries and their habitats. Together, we can ensure these magnificent birds continue to roam our world for generations to come. 🌏💚
  • Kelvin Davies
    published this page in Latest News 2023-09-25 14:07:00 +1000