Stop International Wildlife Trade

The international wildlife trade is fuelling a public health crisis.

We’re calling on the United Nations, as well as G20 leaders to stop the global wildlife trade by banning both the export and import of wild animals as well as the farming and use of wild animal products for any domestic or medicinal purpose. 

  • The international wildlife trade is a lucrative business, largely fuelled by criminal elements.
  • The trade exploits wild animals for food, pelts, ornaments, jewelry, and traditional medicine.
  • Large tracts of pristine habitat are cleared across the globe to make it easier to capture these animals
  • Those animals are then transported in inhumane, cramped conditions, often across the globe by unskilled, uncaring and unscrupulous operators.
  • We now also know that the trade poses an enormous risk to population health with the World Health Organisation estimating that 60% of all viruses that infect humans come from animals.
  • We must urgently stop this illegal and immoral international wildlife trade.

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To the United Nations and G20 Leaders,

Urgently stop the international wildlife trade by banning both the export and import of wild animals as well as the farming and use of wild animal products for any domestic or medicinal purpose. 


The coronavirus pandemic has shone a light on the harsh reality of wildlife markets in China and around the globe. Yet those markets represent just a tiny slice of the international trade in wild animals.

In China alone, wildlife trade is worth more than $73 billion and employs more than one million people. The value of the illegal global trade is estimated by the UN to be around $23 billion.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organisation estimates that 60% of all viruses that infect humans come from animals. This phenomenon is termed ‘zoonosis’. WHO says that 75% of new infections and diseases in the past decade are zoonotic.

We know that to stop these new diseases from emerging, we must put a stop to the international trade in wild animals, a trade that spans most continents and is highly lucrative.

There’s no doubt this wildlife trade is immoral. We already know about the issues around conservation and the ongoing destruction of habitat that takes place to make capturing these animals easier. We know about the gross instances of neglect and the inhumane treatment of these animals as they’re shipped across the globe in close quarters by untrained and uncaring criminals. And now, on the back of a new coronavirus, we know of the huge risk that the trade poses to human health.

That’s why we must act now to stop the illegal and immoral trade in wildlife that is happening, even in the midst of a pandemic, right across the globe. We demand that G20 leaders, along with the United Nations intervene at the highest level to put a stop to both exports and imports that exploit wild animals, causing irreparable damage to sensitive ecosystems as well as public health.

Yours faithfully

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    Stop the wildlife trade.

  • Garrett Yeoman
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    Stop it now. It’s disgusting and disappointing to see this still happening in today’s times
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    Vlado Gasperov
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    Stop live trade
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    Please stop this cruelty now
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    Let’s do whatever is possible with the relatively few animals (God’s creation)

    we still blessed with.
  • Marlene Bramley
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    Bloody devastating! How can people do that? Please stop.
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    Ellen Prior